Welcome to Flutterby Hill.  We specialize in fabric arts, particularly specialty quilts and custom embroidery.   


We are here to help you express your thoughts, memories, and ideas in a unique, permanent way for your loved ones.  Listed below are hand-made, custom quilts and tree skirts that we have created for our friends, family, and customers.  If you are interested in speaking with us, please email us at info@flutterbyhill.com.


Christmas Tree Skirts

These are samples of Christmas Tree Skirts we have created according to the recipient’s interests and /or color scheme.


Blue Snowflake

Crazy quilt wedges alternated with snowflake fabric with silver accents


Evening Star Snow Flake

Traditional evening star quilting design created in blues and silvers to create a snowflake effect


Fractured Trees

This is a fanciful “reassembly of Christmas trees” to create this unusual tree skirt


Log Cabin Star

Green and red star using log cabin quilting technique


Snowman and trees

Custom Snowman and Christmas tree embroidery matching the Christmas print were included in this traditional tree skirt design



Designed exclusively for a pair of Stargate enthusiasts this tree skirt has all 9 chevrons and 39 glyphs representing the “Stargate” of the popular Stargate show


Swirl Tree Skirt

Bargello swirl incorporates many fabrics of coordinating and complimenting shades to produce this delightful effect


World Continents

Designed for a “world traveler” this tree skirt has six continents represented by an original method of piecing.  Strips of material reflecting the climate of the continents are quilted onto an ocean of blue.  Blue on blue embroidery identifies each continent


Six Point Star

Surround your tree with this 6 point star tree skirt which can be made in any color combination.

 Stripped Star


Stripped Heart


Lodge Rustic Style

Reindeer, trees and red pinwheels are featured in this rustic lodge style tree skirt




This special request tree skirt tells the Christmas story in pictures



Nativity Scene


Remembrance Quilts


50th Anniversary Celebration Quilt

Crazy quilt design that included personal messages and mementos from friends and family members on the celebration of a special wedding anniversary.  This was a two sided quilt.  This was a group project honoring the recipients.  Tom and Karen from Flutterby Hill coordinated this and other similar group projects.  They are available to help with your project.



Graduation Message Quilt

Crazy quilt design incorporating hand written messages on fabric to the graduate from friends and family.



Grandma’s Remembering Quilt

Log cabin design using photos and one caricature in a creative way to help grandma remember her family.  This quilt hung at the foot of grandma’s bed in the nursing home.  When she got tired of seeing one group of kids and grandkids she would ask someone to turn the quilt over to show the other half of the tribe.


Memory Quilt

Traditional quilt using shirts and jeans once worn by a loved one.



Jeans and T-Shirt Memory Quilt